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DPP v Chapman [2020] VCC 1136

sentence — 2 counts of using a carriage service to solicit child exploitation material offence — additional state offences — offender committed offender whilst placed on Community Correction Order for 18 months due to previous offence of using a carriage service to transmit indecent communications to a child under 16 years — aggravated feature of offending for Count 1 — character — s 16A(2)(m) — other relevant subsequent convictions — victim from Charge 1, with whom offender had a relationship, obtained a family violence intervention order which offender breached giving rise to a charge of Persistent Contravention of a Family Violence Order, where offender sentenced to 90 days’ imprisonment — granted freedom after serving 72 days because of allowance for periods of emergency lockdown — age — s 16A(2)(m) — guilty plea — s 16A(2)(g) — offender 25 years old and accordingly a youthful offender — aged between 18 and 23 during time of offending — entered pleas of guilty at earliest possible opportunity and entitled to benefits that flow from offender’s pleas, being their utilitarian benefit and that they are some evidence of your remorse — rehabilitation — s 16A(2)(n) — circumstances surrounding offending are concerning particularly because of prior convictions and that offending committed whilst offender serving Community Correction Orders, which is aggravating feature of offending — subsequent offending would tend to show this offending falls into pattern of behaviour that may be entrenched — sentencing judge regarded prospects of rehabilitation as guarded — specific deterrence — s 16A(2)(j) — general deterrence — s 16A(2)(ja) — conduct of that kind committed by offender must be deterred — offender must be specifically deterred by further offending — offender assessed as moderate risk of sexual reoffending and accordingly protection of community from offender must play a role in exercise of sentencing discretion — offender’s conduct must be publicly denounced and offender must be justly punished — although offender is a youthful offender and sentencing judge must look to offender’s rehabilitation — sentence — imposed 2 years’ and 7 months imprisonment — after serving 18 months imprisonment released on recognisance order for 13 months — s 6AAA — but for guilty plea, would have imposed 4 years’ imprisonment with a 2 year and 6 month non-parole period
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