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DPP v Goh [2020] VCC 1603

sentence — trafficking marketable quantity of heroin — offence relates to 784.2g of pure heroin — nature and circumstances — s 16A(2)(a) — quantity and value of drugs imported was significant — wholesale value was $155,000 — street value around 3 to 4 times greater — quantity of drugs trafficked was 3.14 times marketable quantity — offender’s involvement was important — offender worked as international courier for sophisticated transnational drug syndicate — offender communicated with co-offenders to complete the sale — offender was entrusted with responsibility to deliver heroin and collect payment — there was reasonable degree of planning coordination and sophistication to offending which involved international travel and separation of Malaysian side from local side to reduce risks of detection — not satisfied that offender was necessarily senior member of cohort — in absence of contrary sentencing judge could only conclude offender expected some financial reward — guilty plea — s 16A(2)(g) — guilty plea has significant utilitarian value — plea is also evidence of acceptance of responsibility for actions and remorse — hardship to offender — isolation from family and friends has made prison harder but because offender came to Australia to commit serious crime intending afterwards to return home little weight can be attributed to it — COVID-19 has caused increased anxiety and concern for all in community including persons in prison — offender sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment with 3 year non-parole period — s 6AAA — but for plea of guilty offender would have been sentenced to 8 years’ imprisonment with 5 year non-parole period
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