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DPP v Solibun [2021] VCC 2056

The offender was sentenced following a plea of guilty to 1 count of importing a marketable quantity of a border controlled drug contrary to s 307.2 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code. Offending related to 203.23g of pure heroin.

Nature and Circumstances: Quantity and value of drugs imported was significant. Offender was an international courier for a sophisticated, transnational drug syndicate. Offender was entrusted with the responsibility to transport heroin from Malaysia into Australia, deliver it to a syndicate member and return cash to the syndicate in Malaysia. Offending had a degree of planning and co-ordination which involved international travel and separation of Malaysian and Australian sides to reduce risks of detection. Offender took a very high risk for personal financial reward.

Parity: 7 other syndicate members were sentenced. Most comparable to the offender was Beng Goh, who pled guilty to trafficking a marketable quantity of a border controlled drug. Goh came to Melbourne where he collected 1kg of unlawfully imported heroin and delivered it to a customer. Goh’s role was at a similar, if not slightly lower, level to the offender. Goh was a first time offender whose only purpose for traveling to Australia was to commit their crime. Goh was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment and, to reflect their excellent prospects of rehabilitation, a shorter than usual minimum term of 3 years.

Rehabilitation: Offender has taken every available step to repent and advance their rehabilitation and has also been a notable mentor and major support to a number of other prisoners. Offender’s impressive behaviour in gaol and excellent prospects of rehabilitation warrants fixing a shorter than usual minimum term.

Offender sentenced to 5 years and 8 months imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 2 years and 10 months.
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