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Klomfar v The Queen [2019] NSWCCA 61

appeal against sentence — importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug offence contrary to s 307.1(1) of Commonwealth Criminal Code — offence relates to 4.653 kilograms of pure cocaine — original sentence imposed 7 years’ and 8 months imprisonment with a 5 year non-parole period — parity — co-offender sentenced to 6 years’ and 3 months imprisonment with 3 year and 6 month non-parole period as co-offender sentenced on basis that they were reckless as to the existence of drugs imported, displayed a lesser degree of criminality than offender, and the ‘extremity’ of co-offenders mental difficulties would make time in custody more onerous and reduce importance of general deterrence — no unjustified disparity — manifest excess — seriousness with which Parliament views offending reflected in maximum penalty of life imprisonment — characterising offender must never obscure assessment of what offender actually did — no inevitable correlation between offender in lower echelon of a hierarchy and severity of punishment — appeal dismissed
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