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Meadows v The Queen [2017] VSCA 290

appeal against sentence — grooming offence contrary to s 474.27 of Commonwealth Criminal Code — state offences — original sentence imposed 12 months’ imprisonment with recognizance release order after 3 months on 9 month good behaviour bond —offender believed he was communicating with 12 year old girl — offender instead communicating with undercover police officer — nature and circumstances of offence — communications occurred over limited period — offender’s conduct highly predatory — that offender prepared to use sexually explicit descriptions in communicating with a child is directly relevant to moral culpability —  victim of the offence — objective seriousness of offending not decreased by absence of actual victim — irrelevant that victim and offender geographically remote — general deterrence —s 16A(2)(ja) — importance of general deterrence in grooming offences — offences difficult to detect — significant public interest in protecting children from predators —  total effective sentence imposed within range reasonably open to sentencing judge — leave to appeal against sentence refused — appeal dismissed
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