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R v Looi [2022] VCC 293

The offender was sentenced following pleas of guilty to 2 counts of importing a marketable quantity of a border controlled drug contrary to s 307.2(1) of the Commonwealth Criminal Code.

Nature and Circumstances: Although not the mastermind of the operation, offender played a vital role in its success. Offender was the one who facilitated the importation. Offender was the consignee, presumably to pass them on to a third party, and tracked the parcels. Offending involved a level of planning and sophistication, much of which occurred overseas. Although offender was not at the top of the hierarchy of those complicit in the offender’s crimes, the objective gravity of offending is nevertheless high.

Contrition: Offender’s plea of guilty is not accepted as indicating remorse. From the outset, offender maintained their innocence until the matter first came to this Court. Offender has given very little by way of explanation of offending, how they came to be involved and who else was complicit. Offender has not apologised for their conduct nor expressed regret for their actions and the potential harm they might have caused. Offender’s late acceptance of responsibility does not mean they are not now remorseful for their conduct; however, there is no satisfactory evidence to indicate remorse. Offender’s lack of remorse and assistance in identifying co-offenders are not aggravating factors, but rather matters which cannot count in mitigation.

Offender sentenced to 4 years and 6 months imprisonment with a non-parole period of 3 years.
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