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R v Schmidt [2018] QCA 59

appeal against sentence — conspiring with others to traffic in a commercial quantity of a controlled drug contrary to ss 11.5(1) and 302.2(1) of Commonwealth Criminal Code — original sentence imposed 12 years’ imprisonment with 7 year and 6 month non-parole period — offence involved three co-offenders who met with undercover AFP operatives who pretended to be large scale distributors of cocaine — other co-offenders pled guilty — parity — sentencing judge considered offender’s criminality more serious than co-offenders — no error by sentencing judge in description of respective roles of co-offenders — offender’s criminality was more serious and offender did not have substantial mitigating factor of plea of guilty — objective seriousness — sentencing judge correct in considering impossibility of trafficking in substance supplied by AFP — that consideration did not mean that offence not serious — sentence should act as strong general deterrent as well as a heavy punishment for a party who intended to traffic large quantities of dangerous drug — offender’s culpability no less for fact that potential suppliers were AFP officers — relevant test whether involvement of police diminished offender’s culpability — leave to appeal refused — appeal dismissed
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