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Schanker v The Queen [2018] VSCA 94

appeal against sentence — attempting to possess a commercial quantity of unlawful imported border-controlled drug offence contrary to ss 11.1(1) and 307.5(1) Commonwealth Criminal Code and trafficking in a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug offence contrary to s 302.2 Commonwealth Criminal Code — original sentence imposed 18 years’ imprisonment with 14 year non-parole period — nature and circumstances of offence — s 16A(2)(g) — objective seriousness — quantity of drug not controlling factor of seriousness of offence — sentence in order of 15 years’ imprisonment for offending not involving massive quantities invites scrutiny — offending of utmost gravity — quantity not massive but very large — drugs involved had high levels of purity, offender occupied commercial role and motivated by financial reward — offender received no benefits of guilty plea — offending occurred while offender on court-imposed Community Correction Order — sentencing practice — offender’s argument elevated importance of sentencing practice to be determinative of sentence’s appropriateness — sentencing practice informs but cannot determine appropriate sentence in particular case — cases suggest high quantity, high value border controlled drug offending where significant levels of responsibility with no discount for guilty plea invariably attract sentences of imprisonment in early to mid-double figures — antecedents — s 16A(2)(m) — offender’s shocking background moderates sentence but there are limits to its ameliorating influence — no specific evidentiary nexus established between background and offending in question — leave to appeal granted — appeal dismissed
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