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Table of Options

The content on this page was last reviewed on 28 June 2012.

1. Table of Federal Sentencing Options

Dismissal of Charges without Convictions 19B(1)(c)
Conditional Discharge without Convictions 19B(1)(d)
Order and Recognizance Following Convictions 20(1)(a)
Order and Recognizance Following Sentence of Imprisonment (Conditional Suspended Sentence)
s 20(1)(b)
Fines 4B(2) and (2A)
s 16C
Additional Sentencing Alternatives (for example, Community Based Order)s 20AB
- with or without hard labour
- in a particular kind or class of prison
- not to be imposed unless appropriate in all circumstances
- not to be imposed for certain minor offences
s 18(1)
s 18(2)
s 17A
s 17B
Sentencing Alternatives for Offenders with Mental IllnessDivision 8
Division 9

2. Sentencing Options Not Available for a Federal Offence

‘Conviction only’ is not available when sentencing a federal offender. See Options Without Proceeding to Conviction.

Corporal Punishment is prohibited for a federal offence: s 16D.

A person under the age of 18 convicted of a federal offence shall not be sentenced to death: s 20C(2). See further Sentencing children or young persons.